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Bounty Skulls

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Bounty Skulls
Hateful bounty skull.png
Type Treasure

Bounty Skulls are Treasure in Sea of Thieves. They are found primarily through killing Skeleton Captains in Bounty Voyages, but can also be found in Shipwrecks, Fortress Vaults, Skeleton Ships, and randomly on Islands.
They are sold to the Order of Souls, who seek the knowledge of fallen pirates.

Skull Types[edit | edit source]

Bounty Skulls Gold
Foul Bounty Skull
Disgraced Bounty Skull
Hateful Bounty Skull
Villainous Bounty Skull
Skeleton Captain's Skull
Stronghold Skull
Gold Hoarder's Skull

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ashen variation of the 4 basic skulls (Foul to Villainous) are found in the Devil's Roar region and are worth twice the base value.