Bounty Skulls

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Bounty Skulls
Hateful bounty skull.png
Type Treasure

Bounty Skulls are a type of Treasure Item in Sea of Thieves. They are, in essence, the cursed skulls of undead Skeleton Captains that are highly valuable to the Order of Souls. The main way of acquiring these Cursed Skulls is to complete Bounty Voyages for the Order of Souls that send you to defeat specific Skeleton Captains of all types throughout the seas. Different variations of the skulls are dropped by the Captains, however Bounty Skulls can also be found shored on Islands, inside Shipwrecks, Fortress Vaults and Skeleton Ships or even after defeating a Megalodon or a Kraken.

Bounty Skulls are sold to the Order of Souls for Gold and Reputation, who seek the knowledge of these fallen pirates.

Bounty Skulls can be distinguished by their cursed green glow that can be seen from afar, so it is advised to not store them on the top deck of the ship. This glow can also be concealed by placing Bounty Skulls inside a Collector's Chest.

Skull Types[edit | edit source]

There are four types of regular Bounty Skulls that can be acquired from regular Bounty Voyages and four Ashen variations of these Skulls acquired from Devil's Roar Islands or Ashen Voyages, which are worth twice as much as their regular counterpart. There are also special Bounty Skulls that belong to the Skeleton Captain's of Skeleton Ships or Skeleton Forts. Additionally, there is a Bounty of 10 000 Gold on the Legendary Skeleton Lord Gold Hoarder and his Cursed Skull.

Common Bounty Skulls[edit | edit source]
Bounty Skull Reward Notes
Foul Bounty Skull
The lowliest of the Skulls, unremarkable and not very valuable.
Disgraced Bounty Skull
One of the more common Skulls, worth a little more than their Foul counterpart.
Hateful Bounty Skull
These skulls belong to Skeleton Captains of higher ranks and have a more distinguishable glow on them.
Villainous Bounty Skull
The skulls of the Skeleton Captains of the highest ranks. These skulls are cracked from the curse.
Ashen Bounty Skulls[edit | edit source]
Bounty Skull Reward Notes
Ashen Foul Bounty Skull
The Devil's Roar version of the regular Foul Bounty Skull.
Ashen Disgraced Bounty Skull
The Devil's Roar version of the regular Disgraced Bounty Skull.
Ashen Hateful Bounty Skull
The Devil's Roar version of the regular Hateful Bounty Skull.
Ashen Villainous Bounty Skull
The Devil's Roar version of the regular Villainous Bounty Skull.
Special Bounty Skulls[edit | edit source]
Bounty Skull Reward Notes
Skeleton Captain's Skull
Commonly acquired from sinking Skeleton Ships, but also sometimes eaten by the Kraken or Megalodon
Stronghold Skull
Looted from Fortress Vaults after a Skeleton Fort Event, but sometimes also dropped from both the Kraken and the Megalodon.
Briggsy's Skull
Earned by defeating Captain Briggsy during The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. No gold worth beyond the Tall Tale completion reward.
Gold Hoarder's Skull
10 000
Earned by defeating the Gold Hoarder during the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.
Ritual Skull
Acquired from Skeleton’s Orders that are received by killing Emergent Skeleton Captains, alternatively they can be dug up as a part of Skull Stash Voyage.