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Bilge Rats
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Bilge Rat Adventures are events hosted by the Bilge Rats that arrive with most Content Updates. Each of these Events brings with it a new feature to the game (Mechanic, Treasure, Enemy, etc), and also new Commendations, found under the Bilge Rats Reputation menu, that reward Doubloons, Titles and Unlockable Cosmetic Items related to these Events.

Following the Shrouded Spoils update, Players were introduced to Mercenary Voyages that shifted the focus away from the established Adventure theme of past updates to voyage focused updates. As per Bilge Rat tradition, these Time-Limited Mercenary Voyages were accompanied by Time-Limited Cosmetics that could be bought by completing commendations and earning Doubloons.

The Fort of the Damned (Event) provided both a permanent Bilge Rat Adventure with permanent Commendations and Cosmetics, as well as offering Time-Limited Mercenary Voyages and Mercenary Commendations.

The following The Seabound Soul (Content Update) brought along new Bilge Rat Adventures called Ashen Treasures

The beginning of 2020 introduced the Legends of the Sea Update that saw Umbra's introduction to the Sea of Thieves, with a large number of Commendations devoted to finding Easter Eggs and Legendary Player Pirates.

In the following February, the Crews of Rage Update was released, which introduced the Chest of Rage and Ashen Skeletons, as well as Commendations related to the Chest and setting Skeletons on fire.

After the Crews of Rage, there was a longer break from Bilge Rat Adventures, with the next one coming at July 2020, introducing the Ashen Winds World Event and Commendations, related to defeating Ashen Lords and using their Ashen Winds Skull in various situations.

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