Athena's Fortune Voyage

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Athena's Fortune Voyage
Map Radial.png
Location Athena's Fortune

The Athena's Fortune Voyage is a type of Voyage players can embark upon in the Sea of Thieves. Obtaining this Voyage is only accessible to pirates who've attained the Title of Pirate Legend. To pick up an Athena Voyage, pirates must visit the Athena's Fortune Hideout and speak to the Pirate Lord. While only Pirate Legends may obtain the Voyage or place it on the Voyage Table, any pirate may vote on an Athena Voyage, or be part of the crew that is on an Athena Voyage. Therefore, to run an Athena Voyage, a crew needs to have at least one Pirate Legend on it; or have a Pirate Legend join the crew, drop the Voyage, then leave; or have a Pirate Legend board the ship from another crew and drop the Voyage.

The Athena Voyage is one of only two methods of obtaining the coveted Chest of Legends, and is an integral part of gaining reputation in the Athena's Fortune Trading Company.

The Voyage[edit | edit source]

All Athena Voyages have two chapters: Chapter 1 containing the bulk of the Voyage with eight maps, and Chapter 2 finishing off the voyage with just one map. All maps will direct pirates to islands across the so-called Old World regions - The Wilds, The Ancient Isles, and The Shores of Plenty - and will not include locations within the Devil's Roar.

Chapter 1
  • 2 Treasure Maps, each consisting of four X-marks-the-spots, for a total of 8 high-value chests.
  • 2 Riddle Maps, for a total of two high value chests.
  • 2 Skeleton Bounties, each consisting of 4 captains.
  • 2 Cargo Runs, each consisting of 4-6 assorted Cargo Crates.
Chapter 2

Trivia[edit | edit source]