Athena's Fortune

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Athena's Fortune
Athena's Fortune Liaison.png
Type Trading Company
Location Athena's Fortune Hideout
Related Athena's Fortune Treasure
We Shall Sail Together

Athena's Fortune is the Legendary Pirate Trading Company in Sea of Thieves that only deals with Pirate Legends.

The Company & Hideout[edit | edit source]

Athena's Fortune is a Trading Company reserved only to Pirates of Legendary repute. They reside in Athena's Fortune Hideout, where the ghostly Pirate Lord provides Legendary Athena's Fortune Voyages for Pirate Legends. The rest of his ghostly crew populates the Hideout Tavern, telling legendary tales and offering Legendary Cosmetics for Player Pirates who have proved their worth on the seas. While this Hideout is accessible to non-Pirate Legends if let in by another Legend, their interactions with the NPCs are limited.

Pirate Legends[edit | edit source]

Through many voyages upon the sea, you searched to find the legend's key.

Now one last step to pass the Tests, to find where Athena's Fortune rests.

Take this tune and make a sound, the secret lies near in the ground.

— Mysterious Stranger, Shanty Riddle, Pre-Anniversary

In order to become a Pirate Legend, and be accepted into the Athena's Fortune Hideout, a player has to achieve the maximum Reputation level (50) with three of the five Trading Companies: Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, The Hunter's Call or Sea Dogs. After gaining the most reputable Promotions with three of these companies, the Mysterious Stranger will assess your reputation and if deemed fit, will teach you the Shanty of Legends. This Shanty can be played with your Instruments only by the stairs of the Taverns, which will open the secret passage to the Athena's Fortune Hideout!

Aside from access to the Hideout, Pirate Legends receive a set of Legendary Clothing, don the Pirate Legend Title, purchase Legendary Voyages, Legendary variations of Equipment, Clothing, Weapons and Ship Customizations and start working on Legendary Commendations and Reputation Levels.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

Athena's Fortune Voyages can be bought from the Pirate Lord for 250 Gold. These Voyages can only be bought and started by Pirate Legends, however they can be done and turned in by non-legends. Legendary Voyages are composed of Quests from various Trading Companies, ultimately leading to a Chest of Legends. There are two types of Legendary Voyages: a regular Athena's Fortune Voyage and an Ashen Voyage. The regular Voyage see Pirates travelling through all of the three main Regions, while the Ashen versions see them travelling throughout the entirety of The Devil's Roar for increased risk and reward. Both of these Voyages are comprised of two chapters. The first chapter will provide the Crew with 8 maps: 2 Treasure Maps with 4 Treasure Chests each, 2 Riddle Maps with 4 clues each, 2 Bounty Maps with 4 Skeleton Captains each, and 2 Cargo Runs with 4-6 items each. Upon the completion of all these tasks, the second and final chapter will provide the crew with a Treasure Map with one X, indicating the location of either a Chest of Legends or an Ashen Chest of Legends, depending on the Voyage. These Chests are one of the more valuable Treasure Items in the game and can only be sold to the Mysterious Stranger for Gold and Athena's Fortune Reputation.

As of the March 2020 Heart of Fire (Content Update), Pirate Legends can also purchase Legendary Athena's Run Mercenary Voyages from the Bilge Rats at any Tavern to search for various types of Athena's Treasure.

Athena's Fortune Treasure[edit | edit source]

Main article: Athena's Treasure

The Athena's Fortune Company has several Legendary Treasure Items that can be delivered to the Mysterious Stranger in any Tavern for Athena's Fortune Reputation and Gold. The following Treasure Items can be found from various sources:

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Like with other major Trading Companies, Players can also earn Reputation up to 10 levels with Athena's Fortune, to earn the Guardian of Athena's Fortune Promotion and Title. This is the only Promotion available for Pirate Legends and it is automatically unlocked when reaching level 10. While the Athena's Fortune Reputation tab is generally unlocked once players become Pirate Legends, it can also be unlocked as a non-Pirate Legend by gaining Reputation with the Company through having you or your Crew deliver Athena's Fortune Treasure items to the Mysterious Stranger in Taverns. Despite this, most of the Commendations and Titles related to the Company are only available once the players become Pirate Legends themselves. The same applies for access to the Hideout and the Items sold there.

The main source of Athena's Fortune Reputation is turning in Athena's Fortune Treasure: either Chests of Legends from Legendary Voyages, Athena's Run Treasure items from Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven. Players can also earn Reputation by completing grades in Athena's Fortune Commendations.

The following is a chart of approximately how many Chest of Legends on average are needed to be sold to level up in Athena's Fortune. Ashen Chest of Legends are worth 1,5x as much as regular Chest of Legends. This table does not count reputation gains from Commendations.

Athena's Fortune Reputation Chart
Level Chest of Legends Total Ashen Chests Total
1 0 0 0 0
2 3 3 2 2
3 3 6 2 4
4 5 11 3 7
5 7 18 5 12
6 9 27 6 18
7 12 39 8 26
8 15 54 10 36
9 18 72 12 48
10 21 93 14 62

Items[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching level 50 with three of the main Trading Companies, Players will unlock the Pirate Legend Title and receive the Legendary Clothing and Vanity Items in their Clothing Chest and Vanity Chest. All Pirate Legends can buy the Legendary Hull, Flag, Sails and the Ghost Flag from the Athena's Fortune Hideout Shipwright, and a wide selection of two-toned Hair Dyes and Legendary Hair and Beard Styles at the Hideout' Tavern Shop. Additional Legendary Set and Ghost Set items become unlocked for purchase as Pirates gain Reputation levels or complete certain Commendations for the Company.

Players doing the Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven can unlock the rest of the Ghost Set Ship Items and a Legendary Treasure Seeker Costume.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Athena's Fortune Logo.png

Commendations and Titles[edit | edit source]

Most of Athena's Fortune Commendations are only unlocked when a player becomes Pirate Legend. All of these Commendations have 5 Grades and unlock Titles of the same names in their Vanity Chest. Achieving each of the 5 grades will reward the Players with additional Athena's Fortune Reputation. Some of these Commendations also unlock Legendary Variants of various Items for purchase at the Hideout.

  • Seeker of Athena's FortunePurchase 100 Athena's Fortune voyages
  • Sailor of Athena's FortuneSail 1000 nautical miles on Athena's Fortune voyages | Unlocks Pirate Legend Capstan for purchase.
  • Athena's VoyagerComplete 30 Athena's Fortune voyages | Unlocks Legendary Wheel for purchase.
  • Legendary ThiefSell 5 Chests of Legends to the Mysterious Stranger that were stolen
  • Mystical Legend of the StrongholdsSell 100 Stronghold Skulls as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Merchant of FaunaDeliver 500 Animals on time, as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Hunter of The Hungering OneDefeat The Hungering One 50 times as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Hunter of The Crested QueenDefeat The Crested Queen 50 times as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Hunter of The ShadowmawDefeat The Shadowmaw 50 times as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Hunter of The Ancient TerrorDefeat The Ancient Terror 50 times as a Pirate Legend
  • Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded GhostDefeat The Shrouded Ghost 5 times as a Pirate Legend
  • Legend of the DeepDeliver 50 fish as a Pirate Legend
  • Shiny Loot of LegendsSell 50 Chalices of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
  • Gilded Loot of LegendsSell 50 Gilded Relics of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
  • Spooky Loot of LegendsSell 50 Skulls of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
  • Villainous Loot of LegendsSell 50 Villainous Skulls of Ancient Fortune as a Pirate Legend.
  • Mercantile Loot of LegendsSell 50 Crates of Legendary Voyages as a Pirate Legend.
  • Explosive Loot of LegendsSell 50 Kegs of Ancient Black Powder as a Pirate Legend.