Ammo Crate

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Ammo Crate
Ammo Crate.png
Type Resource Crate
Location Islands

Ammo Crates are Resource Crates in Sea of Thieves that are used to transport Ammunition for Firearm Weapons.

Features[edit | edit source]

Ammo Crates act as portable Ammo Chests and can store up to 50 Ammunition for Firearms. Once a player has taken a single shot with their Blunderbuss, Flintlock or Eye of Reach, they can interact with the Crate to Reload their whole cartridge for that weapon. Players can reload up to 5 shots at one time. Ammo Crates can be refilled at any stationary Ammo Chest.

Where to Find Them[edit | edit source]

Ammo Crates can randomly be found beached on Small and Large Islands.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Ammo Crate could be placed on the top deck of the Ship for easier access to Firearm bullets.
  • The Ammo Crate allows players to be more effective with two equipped Firearms.
  • Use an Ammo Crate at difficult fights like the Fort of the Damned Raid to have an easier access to bullets.
  • Ammo Crates can be caught with a Harpoon. You can keep a Crate on the Harpoon with the ship close to the shore to have easier access to bullets without having to climb the ship or carry it around on land.

Gallery[edit | edit source]