Ammo Chest

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Ammo Chest
Ammo Chest.png
Location Ships, Fortress, Island

The Ammo Chest is an object that allows players to refill the ammunition for their carried firearms.

Interacting with the chest grants full ammunition, which the player can then use to reload their weapon. Ammo available from the Ammo Chest is free and unlimited, and does not to need to be resupplied.

There is an Ammo Chest by the Weapon Box on every ship. Most Large Islands and Fortresses also have Ammo Chests placed by Barrels. All Tall Tale locations that spawn Bosses or waves of enemy Skeletons also have Ammo Chests placed within reach.

Ammo Crates can be filled back to 50 bullets with an Ammo Chest.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Replenished ammunition does not render until the player equips their firearm.