Adventure Mode

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Adventure Mode
SOT E3 2016 Screenshot 1.png
Type Game Mode
Location The Sea of Thieves

The Adventure Mode is the main game mode of Sea of Thieves, separate from the player versus player focused Arena game-mode.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Adventure Mode is your traditional Sea of Thieves experience, placing your Player Pirate and their Crew and Ship in one of the many Outposts in the titular Sea of Thieves, leaving you to find your own Adventures, by either following the Story mode of Tall Tales, going on Bilge Rats time-limited or permanent Adventures or earning Gold, Reputation and Commendations with the six main Trading Companies: Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, The Hunter's Call, Reaper's Bones, and the Legendary Athena's Fortune.

Crews[edit | edit source]

Up to six Crews of up to four Pirates can populate a single Adventure mode Server. Before loading in to a server, a Player needs to choose whether they want to join an Open Crew or a Closed Crew. An Open Crew will match the Player with other pirates who have chosen to sail in an Open Crew themselves. A Closed Crew is for those players who want to either sail alone or invite their Friends to play with them in a single Crew. Once a Crew type is chosen, the player needs to choose a Ship type. There are currently three Ship types for Adventure mode. The smallest ship, the Sloop can fit a crew of up to two players, being ideal for its speedy maneuverability and low maintenance. The Brigantine is the medium ship that can fit a crew of up to three players. The Brig is very speedy and does not require much to be maintained, however it is very easy to sink due to its smaller Hull. The largest ship, the Galleon can fit a crew of up to four players and is also the fastest and most powerful ship that takes a while to sink, however this ship is hard to maneuver and requires the co-operation of the whole crew to Sail efficiently.

Adventure[edit | edit source]

Once a crew type and Ship is chosen, the players are thrown in the open seas of Sea of Thieves with all the necessary Equipment and trusted to gather their own Resources and Treasure on the transportable Base that is your ship. There are no limits to where a Crew can sail in Adventure Mode, allowing the players maximum freedom to choose their own Adventures, be them following the story mode of Tall Tales, going on Voyages for the Trading Companies to gain favour, choosing different Commendations to work toward to gain different rewards or Titles or even just finding other Player Crews to battle for their hard earned Treasure and take it all for yourself.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Your Player Pirate is the same across all game-modes and sessions, so choose wisely! You can change your appearance but it will cost Ancient Coins