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Release Date May 29th, 2019
External Link SeaofThieves.com
Version History
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Release Notes from Rare Ltd.

Ahoy, pirates!

We've implemented a small update to address some high-priority issues identified after last week’s release. We'll keep working on additional improvements and fixes to further polish your piratical pursuits, and you can look forward to seeing those implemented in a future update. Thanks for all your feedback and support!

Fixed Issues[edit | edit source]

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

  • 'Fate of the Morningstar' – Upon reaching the first dig location, players will now be able to collect the enchanted item once it has been successfully dug up.

The Hunter's Call

  • Defeating a Kraken tentacle will now cause it to correctly drop Kraken meat in addition to other rewards.


  • Newly equipped cosmetics will now correctly persist between sessions.

Download and Installation[edit | edit source]

Download size:

  • Xbox One: 2.17 GB
  • Xbox One X: 3.31 GB
  • Windows 10: 3.31 GB

Xbox Installation Instructions can be found here.
PC Installation Instructions can be found here.